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Food and Beverage Software

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Food and beverage software is gaining popularity in the industry as a variety of businesses ranging from takeaway restaurants to fine dining establishments utilise a combination of digital and paper-based solutions to manage their operations.

Due to the demands placed on staff, the need to maintain sustainability, and meet customer service expectations, it became necessary to seek a more efficient solution to ensure smooth operations.

Our client aimed to reduce capital expenditure for the food and beverage industry by eliminating the need to purchase expensive Electric Point of Sale (EPOS) hardware. They also intended to enhance efficiency by enabling venues to share data such as the number of covers and the time required to prepare a dish, which would be used to develop an algorithm to manage the queue and prevent the kitchen from being overwhelmed, enabling customers to make more informed decisions.

During the process, the team faced significant challenges, particularly in developing algorithms for the queuing information.

The team was required to develop a database that could handle rolling-hour order queuing while still accommodating pre-orders for collection at a later time.

Witnessing how technology can benefit various industries, particularly the food sector, was truly remarkable. It was a pleasure to work with the client and assist them in maximising their R&D claim.

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