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Carrying out R&D for motorcycle manufacturers is important because it helps create vehicles with enhanced safety features, improved carbon footprints, and aligned with the design preferences of motorcyclists. To pave the way for the future of motorcycle manufacturing, businesses must adopt innovative thinking and explore new horizons in their approaches.

In the motorcycle industry, motorcycle manufacturers are occupied with driving the mass production of bikes, adhering to standardised specifications, sizes, and budgets. There are compliance regulations to meet and growing global competition to keep up with. This leaves a significant gap in the market for individuals seeking a more customised model with only limited options unless they want to pay for modifications using low-cost after-market accessories. Essentially, there are motorcyclists who want to be able to buy a bike that doesn’t have that mass-produced look.

What did our client do?

Our client had the aim of challenging the industry standard of motorcycles and providing more options to motorcyclists. This required mass-producing motorcycles that had the same standard as expensive custom-made ones. This required finding new methods within motorcycle manufacturing to achieve this aim. Not only did the bike need to look a certain way but it needed to sound a particular way and create an emotional connection between the owner and the machine that replicates what it’s like to custom design a bike. Decisions needed to be made about braking, seat choice, weight, riding position, airflow, and more.

How did we help?

Our team worked with our client to capture their project in an R&D claim. We identified all their qualifying R&D activities and we documented what proportions of their budget they spent on what such as testing of materials, analysis of production, and development of the final bikes. We created an extensive technical explanation to support our claim, offering HMRC a transparent understanding of the standard activities involved in each highlighted project.

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