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Your trusted choice for R&D Tax Credits

As R&D tax credit specialists, our aim is to unlock the potential of your innovative ideas by offering support and guidance to help you claim the entitlement you deserve, ultimately elevating your financial position and stimulating growth.


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We Value People

We understand that those involved in R&D activities appreciate confident and competent professionals. These individuals are deeply passionate about their craft, relentlessly pursuing progress for ongoing development and growth. We invest the time to truly understand your business, ensuring you receive every eligible penny back.

We're Honest

We offer complete transparency in our work from start to credit. Throughout the process, we maintain open communication with you and leverage our top-notch expertise to simplify complex R&D claims. You will have unparalleled access to our R&D tax knowledge, enabling you to maximise your tax savings potential.

We Simplify the Process

The reason behind our high success rate with HMRC is our structured in-house processes. Our detailed approach ensures our dedicated team are continuously at the forefront of R&D rate changes as well as the evolution of science and technology that our clients use within their projects, enabling us find opportunities of support for you.

We are trusted R&D tax credit specialists

Our expert team's mission is to secure the financial boost your project deserves, enabling you to reinvest in your innovations. We alleviate the complexities and frustrations of the time-consuming claims process with our unrivalled expertise, creating robust R&D claim applications that bring good news to you!

We're passionate and excited about the opportunities that lie within the R&D incentive for your business, as well as the positive impact your innovation has on people. With unwavering commitment, we invest considerable time in thoroughly analysing each case and attentively listening to every detail to adapt our approach accordingly. We transform complexity into opportunity, delivering the financial rewards you deserve.


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Our success stories

We value the relationships we’ve built with our clients over the years, and it’s a privilege to help their projects be fuelled with R&D tax credits. The 5-star reviews and personal recommendations of our clients speak for themselves about what it’s like to partner with us. These testimonials vividly portray our unwavering reliability, unparalleled credibility, and the transformative impact we have had on our clients' businesses.

Free R&D Tax Credit Calculator

Precision is imperative when it comes to crunching numbers, and our free R&D tax credit calculator is the perfect tool to ensure you get an estimated amount of your R&D claim every time - give it a go today!

What are R&D qualifying costs?

Staff PAYE costs/Pension contributions

Your company is eligible to request reimbursement for salaries, wages, class 1 NIC (National Insurance Contributions), and pension fund contributions paid to employees who are directly and actively involved in the R&D projects.

Subcontracted Costs

These costs pertain to payments made to an external agency for individuals directly and actively involved in the R&D project. These individuals are not employees or subcontractors but are engaged through the agency. Typically, relief is provided for 65% of the payments to the staff provider.

consumables images

Materials and consumables

Your company is eligible to seek reimbursement for the expenses incurred on items that are directly used and consumed in qualifying R&D projects. These expenses cover materials, water, fuel, and power utilised in the R&D process.

Two persons having a discussion about waste to energy plant technology.

Software purchases

The expenses related to operating systems, software platforms, and permissions granted for accessing and utilising digital data that is directly used in your R&D activities can be reimbursed. You may need to allocate the costs of partially used software appropriately to determine the eligible amount for the claim.

Travel costs

Certain travel expenses associated with your research and development may also be eligible for your claim. These costs include collaboration, attending relevant events, visiting research sites, or conducting fieldwork directly tied to your R&D projects.


Utilities such as water, gas, and oil can also be claimed as part of eligible costs. However, it is important to note that only the portion of utilities used exclusively for R&D purposes will be eligible, not the entire utility bills.

The claim process

We understand the complications that can often arise when completing an R&D claim, not to mention the significant amount of time it can consume, diverting your attention from driving your innovation forward. That's why we have streamlined a transparent and hassle-free process that follows a step-by-step approach from start to finish.

Throughout your R&D claim process, we maintain open lines of communication tailored to your preferences. Once we have compiled comprehensive technical and financial reports, we take the responsibility of submitting them and proactively follow up with HMRC, leading the communication on your behalf. Often, our next contact with you brings the exhilarating news of success and positive outcomes.

Step 1

We'll gain your authorisation via our client instruction form/NDA. This will enable us to discuss your R&D activities along with your current tax position.


Step 2

We'll analyse the profit & loss (P&L) statement of the business while facilitating your technical call. This step aims to determine whether your case is feasible from both technical and financial perspectives.


Step 3

Once our experts are confident that your case meets the R&D eligibility criteria, we will then gather all the required technical information and financial documentation according to HMRC's standards to support your case.


Step 4

At this stage, we initiate a stringent compliance procedure that we have developed in-house to audit your R&D claim application. We verify whether it meets the defined standards before submitting it to HMRC to ensure a positive outcome.


Step 5

After conducting a comprehensive review of your R&D claim, including all required documentation, the application will be forwarded to HMRC for further processing.


Step 6

Our team maintains continuous contact with HMRC regarding your case. If any queries arise, we address them on your behalf using a highly systematic approach to maximise your outcome while minimising any delays in your repayment.


About Information Technology

With the aid of R&D activities, the IT industry maintains its position as a leader in digital transformation, propelling economic growth and shaping the future of technology.
R&D efforts center around the exploration of emerging technologies, the development of new software and hardware solutions, and the enhancement of existing products and services. Its critical role lies in fortifying cybersecurity measures, optimising data management and analysis, and pioneering cutting-edge platforms and applications.

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About Manufacturing

R&D activities in manufacturing are considered the backbone of driving innovation and product development, resulting in improved processes and fostering competitiveness.
The broad horizons of the industry pave the way for technological breakthroughs that optimize material utilization, automate processes, and enable cost-effective operations, ultimately enhancing the quality of products.

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About Construction

Each project in the construction industry comes with its uncertainties and challenges. R&D activities in construction fuel the exploration of new building materials, including advanced composites and sustainable infrastructure alternatives.
R&D also streamlines processes, reduces costs, ensures regulatory compliance, and enhances safety measures through advanced monitoring systems and construction methodologies.

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Fruits are placed in plates.

About Food & Drink

The food and drink industry is a buzzing hub of research and development activities, achieving healthier products, sustainable processes, and reduced food wastage. The experimentation of ingredients and ratios, trial and testing of refrigeration and shelf life are all prevailing factors of uncertainty when embarking on a new project that would qualify for R&D tax credits. The future of the industry is full of sustainable food options with enhanced quality and superb taste.

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About Engineering

The engineering industry is no stranger to R&D – it's practically the job! Also, R&D activities are essential for the engineering sector to advance, grow, and meet the ever-changing demands of the market.
Innovative efforts are pivotal to driving the continuous evolution of the engineering industry, resulting in the delivery of innovative solutions that shape the future of infrastructure, improve quality of life, and tackle global challenges.

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Two workers inspecting reengineered crops.

About Agriculture

It’s clear that agriculture in the 21st century is steering upward for transformation. Processes and practices of the past are being revolutionised with new technological and scientific solutions that care for animal welfare, the well-being of workers, and the protection of the planet. The spotlight is on Agri-Tech as millions of pounds have been attributed to this sector recently. Whether through state aid or Venture Capitalist (VC) investments, the government has recognised the potential of this field as a driving force for innovation and growth.

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Solar Panels on the rooftop.

About Renewable Energy

The energy industry is rapidly emerging as one of the most profitable sectors, driven by the increasing demand for clean and sustainable energy. By investing in R&D activities, businesses can discover new energy sources, reduce energy waste, improve energy efficiency, and develop innovative solutions to complex problems.
The energy sector also plays a crucial role in the development of renewable energy technologies such as solar, wind, and geothermal power, which are essential in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and combating climate change.

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About MedTech

R&D in Pharma & MedTech is scaling with digital transformation, leading to improved patient outcomes, new processes powered by efficient equipment, and reduced wastage from technology-powered supply chain management. There are hundreds of projects taking place that are eligible for R&D tax credits as a reward for their positive impact on society through the development of new and innovative technologies.

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Case studies

Our case study library is a testament of the immense pride we take in our work and the satisfaction our clients derive from it. Being R&D tax credit specialists, we surpass client expectations time and time again, helping our clients to capitalise on R&D tax relief with our high HMRC success rate and personalised approach. With a deep understanding of R&D tax relief, we have cultivated long-term relationships based on trust, transparency, and tangible results.

This library offers an overview of the remarkable initiatives we have accomplished in collaboration with our clients. These pioneering efforts have yielded exceptional outcomes, showcasing our unwavering dedication to innovation and the success of our clients, taking their great ideas much further.

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