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Workspace Management Software

Client Benefit


Since the drive for remote and hybrid work, accelerated by the pandemic, businesses have been encouraged to question workplace utilisation. The role of the office has been reimagined. The office needs to be in the optimum condition for productivity and employee wellness. Workplace utilisation refers to the efficient and effective use of workspace within an organisation. It involves analysing how physical office spaces, workstations, meeting rooms, and other facilities are actually being used by employees. By analysing workplace utilisation, through workplace management software solutions, employers can make cost-effective decisions that create a more comfortable and functional work environment.

Employers face recruitment, retention, and employee well-being challenges tied to office environments. Poor lighting leads to migraines, inadequate ventilation causes frequent illnesses, and high temperatures hinder productivity. Companies must tailor their workplaces for optimal conditions. Ignoring wasted office space is costly. Data is key, but gathering accurate, representative data is daunting. Neglecting workplace utilisation can lead to valued hires resigning due to a poor company fit.

What did our client do?

Our client created an innovative product that provided answers, through real-time reporting, to users about how exactly their office space is being used. The data ingestion capabilities they achieved could not have been done previously. They helped customers maximize the Return On Investment (ROI) on real estate as well as unlock other business benefits. By experimenting with sensor technology, choice of servers, and trial and error of methods behind analysing big data, their solution presents the user with the real-time information they need, around the clock. A huge challenge to overcome was to find a cost-effective way to process the big data quickly.

A man doing Artificial Intelligence (AI) coding.

How did we help?

Alexander Clifford helped our client complete a successful R&D claim by using our expertise to take leadership over their claim, leading to HMRC payout. We documented the project in the technical narrative, taking note of the failures the project contained when searching for methods for the sensors to collect information more frequently than every 5 minutes. Failure is often crucial in the process of seeking technological advancement, and our client overcame this by developing a purpose-made data handling environment which would be able to ingest data from multiple customers with multiple locations.

A man doing Artificial Intelligence (AI) coding.
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