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Payment Method

Client Benefit


To achieve the UK’s goal of being Net Zero by 2050, we need to evaluate our everyday processes and opt for more sustainable options. Many of us are already doing this by choosing reusable options in our shopping including payment method and using smart meters in our homes, but what about where we place our money with banking?

There are huge concerns about the negative impact the big names in banking have on the environment. This negative impact is caused by their daily operations causing carbon emissions from data storage and energy usage. Individuals who are actively trying to protect the environment with their lifestyles have no choice but to support the credit card giants because there isn’t an eco-friendly alternative.

What did our client do?

Our client wanted to introduce veganism to banking, in every stage of baking; savings, investment and everyday purchases, by creating a solution. If achieved, this would allow socially conscious use of funds in one system, helping consumers have a vegan option for their banking. Their research and development activity made a difference in creating a healthier and greener future, aligned with vegan values, which the government rewards with the R&D tax credit incentive.

Application Programming Interface (API)

How did we help?

Our expert team worked closely with the client to understand every stage of their progress to understand what was uncertain at the start of the project and what their research and development activity solved. This was documented, through a finance and technical perspective, to capture the experimentation of creating a payment method, completely independent from the norm in banking. There were many challenges to overcome, such as ensuring the payment could work in physical shops, building security protocols, and making it user-friendly for every device. It was a privilege to help our client receive their R&D tax credits, showing us once again the potential of a great idea.

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