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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Recommendations

Client Benefit


Developers have been working on Natural Language Processing (NLP) to facilitate Artificial Intelligence (AI) for years. However, the stage of advancement can often depend on the complexity of the human language used in queries.

There are numerous variations of scripts and alphabets in the Arabic language, which have evolved over time and across different regions. Consequently, creating software that can read, comprehend, interact with, and make decisions regarding these variations requires specific algorithms and specialised advancements.

There has been very little work done on AI-based recommendation engines for searching Islamic content based on searching each word and letter in the Arabic language. Our client’s goal was to achieve this, which had not been done in any application before.

The team aimed to create an experience based on sharing knowledge and for educational purposes only. Therefore, building an algorithm was required that could search audio, text, and visual file types to filter out hate speech and controversial content.

A man doing Artificial Intelligence (AI) coding.

This required refining the algorithms and ensuring that the provided data was relevant to the user’s location. For instance, prayer times are determined by the position of the sun in the sky and are dependent on the Islamic Fiqh followed by each country. The team had to work with various Software Development Kits (SDKs) and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to develop reliable and accurate guidance.

It was a great pleasure to help this client recover their R&D claim, as they deserved this reward for their endeavours that brought a community together.

A man doing Artificial Intelligence (AI) coding.
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