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Inventory Management Software

Client Benefit


The primary goal of inventory management software is to aid companies in identifying their stock ordering needs, enabling them to optimize their timing and expenditure in a more efficient manner.

The industry commonly uses methods such as Adobe Magento, which are known for being cumbersome in terms of product deliveries. This is often because they lack standardization and automated processes for repeat orders and deliveries.

Our client has developed a platform that executes smart contracts for moving and warehouse storage, specifically for e-commerce and retail, such as bill of lading to streamline the process for payments and deliveries.

The key benefit of this platform is that it saves time on transportation and logistics by automating the process for lorry drivers and delivery vehicles, making it far more efficient than existing processes. The implementation of smart contracts allows the supply chain to be more efficient, resulting in faster delivery of goods.

Team is having a meeting on their workplace.

Our client conducted extensive R&D activities to achieve their goal without any errors. For instance, they attempted to use Machine Learning (ML) to accelerate data computation for delivery times.

Ultimately, they integrated smart contracts on Ethereum for storage and delivery, which proved to be more effective due to its payment layer that allowed customers to pay in cryptocurrencies while enabling automation. They are currently refining their solution with the aim of fully achieving their goals.

Team is having a meeting on their workplace.
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