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Virtual Private Network (VPN) Solutions

Client Benefit


Many organisations are on the verge of opting to set up on the cloud and use Software as a Service (SaaS) applications, which require specific infrastructure and components.

There are established methods for migrating to the cloud, including the use of standard techniques such as Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) for companies with different geographical locations and hybrid working arrangements. However, these methods can be inflexible, prone to outages, and have significant overhead costs in terms of infrastructure and maintenance.

Our client was requested to create an internal network solution without relying on VPNs. The team aimed to seamlessly integrate applications over the internet without VPNs, specifically focusing on accessing protected third-party applications without VPNs.

The most challenging aspect of the development was rerouting authenticated traffic into protected applications while using a single IP address, especially if the IP had not been unblocked on the firewall. It was particularly difficult to allow worldwide users to access the new service created and then re-route using a single IP address to a protected application.

A man doing Artificial Intelligence (AI) coding.

As the software industry continues to prioritize security, we applied our expertise to guide our client navigate the application process of their R&D claim. The experience was both informative and intriguing, and we look forward to further exploring this captivating field.

A man doing Artificial Intelligence (AI) coding.
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