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Behavioural Operations Management

Client Benefit


Behavioural operations management is a multidisciplinary field that studies the impact of human behaviour, psychology, and cognitive processes on decision-making and operational outcomes within organisations. It seeks to understand and improve how individuals and teams make choices, collaborate, and perform in operational contexts. This field relies on R&D activities to explore new methods and techniques for optimising operational performance.

Our modern world of technology has its limitations which R&D projects are overcoming. For example, we can only track people and assets when there is connectivity and power, so for people in remote locations, their safety is compromised. New solutions are required to maximise effective operational risk management. Our client used behavioural operations management in the creation of their R&D, helping organisations to see employees’ locations for safety purposes.

What did our client do?

Our client advanced in their field by enhancing the safety of people and physical assets through the exploration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning technology. This ensured employees could be tracked in low-connectivity areas and the employees had a tool that informed them of pre-trip advisors and a solution to reach out for help. Essentially, a tool of integrated IT and hardware to keep everyone alert, save lives, and create cost savings. It helps organisations perform their duty of care by maintaining open lines of communication during unsafe situations, no matter how dispersed the workforce is.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered robot.

How did we help?

It was a privilege to create this R&D claim for our client because this project was driven by great values around the well-being of people while meeting the needs of modern business. Using our R&D expertise, we achieved an incredible R&D payout for them, helping our client to continue their incredible innovative work.

Team is having a meeting on their workplace.
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