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Business to Business (B2B) Software

Client Benefit


For businesses to keep up with the evolving landscape, powered by technology, they need to utilise AI-powered solutions to guide their decisions, speed up their productivity, and pave the way for their business activity. Business-to-business (B2B) software achieves this; it uncovers hidden patterns from masses of data in seconds so businesses can make informed decisions whether that’s for predicting future outcomes or identifying market trends.

Companies need to undergo weeks of extensive research to source crucial information about other businesses. Having access to relevant information is vital for Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), particularly as they have tight timescales to make a decision. They need to manually note down company headcount, skill sets, both customer and employee sentiment and more. Once this information is captured through interviews, email threads, and existing information documented online, M&As will need to weigh up the strengths and weaknesses, before making their final investment decision.

What did our client do?

Our client created a B2B software that provides outside-in intelligence on companies and their capabilities versus competitors. This solution accelerates data acquisition and presents the analytics that M&A companies need. It offers the capability to efficiently assess information without requiring any input or permission from the companies assessed, greatly reducing the time it takes to complete this. To achieve their aim, there was trial and error of different methodologies as well as selecting credible data sources.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered robot.

How did we help?

With a combination of technical expertise and deep industry knowledge, our consultants thoroughly examined the various phases of this project, ensuring its alignment with R&D tax regulations. This comprehensive analysis was then summarised in a technical report, accompanied by meticulously reviewed and well-organized financial data. This documentation provided a solid basis for our client’s claim for R&D tax credits. Before submission to HMRC, the client had the opportunity to review the final report. As a result of our client’s innovative use of information technology to enhance efficiency, HMRC recognised this effort and rewarded it with a payout.

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