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Human Resources Software

Client Benefit


Human resources (HR) software helps businesses keep track of time in intervals that they choose, generate invoices using relevant data, and perform complex reporting and forecasting. The need for such a solution became even more critical with the rise of hybrid employee and freelance models, which also added complexity to financial management.

HR software tools are commonly designed to enhance the efficiency of departmental operations by automating and streamlining processes, reducing manual and repetitive tasks while generating valuable insights from employee data.

Our client aimed to eliminate the manual steps involved in time recording, invoicing, and financial reporting. They identified a gap in the market and set out to create a user-centric solution that could centralize these tasks, something that the rest of the industry had not been able to accomplish.

Security and design decisions needed to be re-evaluated throughout the project. The team faced programming language constraints due to the lack of complex database joins, and uncertainties arose regarding self-service analytics, as it had not been implemented before in such an application.

The client’s exceptional expertise consistently permeated every aspect of its work. Their competence and clarity not only made collaborating with them a pleasure but also enhanced the overall experience. Moreover, we took great care to ensure that they maximized the return on their R&D claim, specifically tailored to their innovative solutions.

Our R&D tax credit specialists supported their ongoing efforts to push the boundaries of technology and bring groundbreaking ideas to fruition.

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